Why We Must Burn

Through the roar of the flames and over the din of the world beyond them, someone was crying. This time, he was sure of it. His charred lids opened, exposing the tender jelly of their eyes to the blinding heat. They began to boil almost immediately. In all directions, the molten gossamer and gold of flame blotted out… Continue reading Why We Must Burn

Notes on Correlating Alzheimers Disease and QEPR/IP Interpretations of Consciousness

Can metaphysical interpretations of Alzheimer’s Disease guide study on conscious and corporeal tethering? How does the somatic control connect to the conscious body? What can AD tell us? Can we further find a connection between quantum information and quantum matter? Can one influence the other? Can AD degeneration show that loss of information input faculties… Continue reading Notes on Correlating Alzheimers Disease and QEPR/IP Interpretations of Consciousness

Race On, Heart

Race On, Heart; you mustn't stop. Close on your heels, pain chases. Never rest - don't give it the time to catch up. Waste not a moment; fill each and every With ecstasy, self-importance, and belonging. Have you done enough today? Enough - In the morning you'll fear it wasn't: Fear the day before wasted as… Continue reading Race On, Heart

1.2: Boolean Existence as an Answer to the Sublime Question

1.2.1: The Sublime Question The foundation of this model is the resolution of the sublime question: why does the universe exist? and its broader distillation does anything (the universe) really exist at all? Why do we ask this question? Why is it important? This question returns to the human mind because, whether consciously or unconsciously,… Continue reading 1.2: Boolean Existence as an Answer to the Sublime Question

Bones: Arc Two Preview

The black waters were deceptively calm. Occasionally, ivory tinsel would betray the crest of an ebony swell. Aside from those, there were no other disturbances as far as the eye could see. As peaceful as it appeared, the Sea of Japan was cold enough to kill in February. Kimura Kotsuko was depending on it. Kotsuko… Continue reading Bones: Arc Two Preview

Petition to City of San Antonio: Save Our Strip

Sign the petition here. To the San Antonio City Council, Economic Development Board, and Department of Cultural and Creative Department: Save our culture. Save our identity. Save our Strip. What We Stand to Lose The "total loss" of The Phantom Room marks a critical moment for the scales balancing our city's past and future. Investment,… Continue reading Petition to City of San Antonio: Save Our Strip

“Housekeeping” Now Available at Major Retailers

I know this seems a bit redundant, considering Housekeeping is free for anyone to read here on this blog, but on the off-chance you'd like to throw money at it, the eBook is available to purchase at these online distributors: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. In addition, the book is dedicated to Linda… Continue reading “Housekeeping” Now Available at Major Retailers